Before I begin, just want to let you know that there's a new comic made especially for you!

Anyway, so the burger place I'm working at decided to become a 24-hour joint. This means people can come in and clog their arteries, get fatter, and prepare to die for heart-attacks at all hours of the night. I'm hungry.

Also, with this change, they decided that they need highly trained staff members (in other words, members who have worked there for more than a month) to be on call. This week I get to be the lucky guy on call. Which sucks, because if I'm on call, when am I going to have time to do my Super Heroing? I asked my boss this. My boss laughed and spilled a milkshake on me. It was cold. And wet. And sticky. Then the ants came. They were red. Red fire ants. Their bites burned oh so very much. The tears running down my cheeks has yet to soothe my pain.