It's been too long since I've written here, but I am back for all my fans.

The reason for my absence is simple: I got a job.

Yes, faithful viewer, I know that being a Super Hero is a job unto itself. But it doesn't pay the bills. Flipping burgers pays the bills. And it impresses the ladies.

There's a new comic up today, and there will be more. So many more. I'm bleeding comics. The doctors say there's something wrong with me. I say there's something wrong with them. Then I wake up in a padded room wearing a straight jacket. The fools don't realize that I am already straight!


In other news, the new Transformers movie is coming out very very soon. So soon that I had to take a picture to commemorate its near-release. Behold–Optimus Loser:

Optimus Loser


PS You might notice that the site looks 100% different than before. I made a huge change and converted it to a WordPress site, which is part of the reason it took so long to update. But it should make the site better and easier to update and stuff.