The Simpsons Movie was what I expected, nothing spectacular but fun to watch and I'm sure I'll watch it again. My one big issue with the movie, though, was the blatant discrimination. Who was discriminated against, you wonder? Super Heroes.

That's right, I didn't see a single (or married) Super Hero in the whole entire movie and felt offended. Where was Radioactive Man (or at least Fallout Boy)? What about Bartman? I had an awesome Bartman T-shirt when I was a kid. Pie Man would have been acceptable, and I guess Duffman could be considered a Super Hero by some. Not by me. I think he's an evil villain, trying to teach youngsters to drink when they're not legal age. The vile cad!

Anyway, I don't have a comic update, so I decided to make you a picture of Radioactive Man!

Radioactive Man