Good golly.

So I had a job interview today and it didn't turn out very well. When I arrived there, the chick lady made a very sour face expression. I felt very bad for her; I thought she swallowed a lemon or something.

Anyway, so when I got there, after she made the face expression, she told me that the work place does not hand out donations. I was confused. So I explained to her that I was there for a job interview. Her face turned even more sour. Must have been a really unripe lemon or something.

She told me that I wasn't dressed properly for the job and I should just go home. I was pretty darn confused. I mean, theY told me over the phone to dress-up for the interview, so dress-up I did. So I asked her what was wrong with the way I was dressed. She told me that, for starters, they wouldn't dare higher someone with a mask. That's not fair. If I don't wear my mask, how do I protect my secret identity? It would be silly for me to not wear my mask, not to mention dangerous. Like if the place got robbed or something and I was working there, how do I stop the bad guys if I don't have my costume and stuff. That would be so awkward.

I was sad that they wouldn't give me a chance. I was even wearing my good cape, the nice shiny soft satin one. Chicks dig the cape. At least that's what they keep telling me in my dreams.